Burn Notice
Episode 94
Down and Out


If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at: cglide@floridamovielocations.org

Original air date: 11/29/2012

Filming dates: 07/31/2012 thru 08/08/2012.

The episode starts out with a recap of previous events and then the new action starts with the crew getting ready to sail away. This was filmed on location by the studio. At the Dinner Key Marina on the north side of the Miami City Hall. The boat they are on, is in real life for hire.

The NW corner of City Hall is seen in the background behind Sam.

Then we see our crew make their escape. The road block was set up at the entrance to Grove Key Marina. In reality there is no way that Sam could have viewed the men setting up the trap as this location is well around the corner and out of view of the boat.

Grove Key Marina is seen in the background.

The CIA’s attempt to murder our crew were not successful. We see our gang turn from Pan American Drive onto S. Bayshore Drive headed northbound. Inexplicably, the CIA having shot up the place decides to let our crew go without chasing after them. What no one can drive?

Act 1 opens with our crew hiding in the Everglades. Filming location unknown.

Then we see Sam go to work. Location unknown but likely a set at the Coconut Grove Convention Center Studio.

Next we cut to Madeline’s home. Filmed on set at the studio.

She does counter-intelligence thru her window. The view we see is not any view around the real life location of Madeline’s house. Filming location unknown.

Then it cuts to Madeline outside Michael’s loft. Filmed on location at the rear of the Coconut Grove Convention Center.

Then we go to a residence. Appears to have been filmed on location but the location is unknown.

Then we cut to the warehouse. This was likely filmed on set inside the Coconut Grove Studio but I have not confirmed this yet. I would be surprised if it were not.

Then we cut back to Madeline’s, filmed on studio set.

Then we see an aerial establishing shot of a warehouse. This footage shows Jacob Fleishman and Sons and the immediate surrounding area. Located at 1177 NW 81st Street in Miami. The shot is viewing westward.

Then we return to the warehouse. First an aerial shot of Jacob Fleishman’s. 1177 NW 81st Street in Miami.

Then we drop down to street level. However, now we have moved to a new location and are looking at 2031 NW 1st Court. The Miami Rescue Mission is seen in the near background (2020 NW 1st Ave.).

Then we go inside. Likely filmed on set inside the studio.

They take off leaving Michael behind as planned. They exit thru a door created for this scene at the front of the studio just north of the main entrance. Fiona picks them up as the Grove Key Marina is seen in the background.

Then we go back inside to find a captive Michael. Filmed on studio set.

Then we see them arrive at Jabbar’s. This was filmed on location in the Coconut Grove alleyway that runs between Virginia Street and Rice Street south of Oak Avenue. We have seen this alley used previously in episode 44, Devil You Know and in episode 9, Hard Bargain which is how I recognized it.

Then we go inside to his restaurant. Filmed on location at TK’s At The Villa Mayfair. 2901 Florida Avenue, Coconut Grove.

Then we return to Schmidt’s house. Filming location unknown.

Next we see Madeline on the road. Starting in the 1800 block of Delaware Parkway headed northbound.

Madeline looses her tail by escaping over a draw bridge. This was filmed on location on NW South River Drive. A bridge first made famous in the Pilot of Miami Vice when Sonny had his boat stolen by Tubbs.

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Before studio was torn down.


As seen in Devil You Know.