Original air date: 08/23/2012

Filming for this episode took place from Wednesday, 06/20/2012 thru Thursday, 06/28/2012.

The episode starts out inside Michael’s loft. Filmed on set inside the Coconut Grove Convention Center Studio.

Then we go inside the CIA Offices. Filming location unknown.

There we learn the identity of Nate’s killer.

Act 1 opens with a view of Miami from the bay.

With an interesting zoom into the mouth of the Miami River.

And the north end of Brickell Key.

Then we go inside the CIA Offices. Filming location unknown.

Next we go to Madeline’s. Filmed on set at the studio.

Next we see the gang arrive in Panama. In the background we see the Miami Woman’s Club that we saw used extensively in episode 22, Do No Harm. We see them arrive on the grounds of the Miami Woman’s Club at 1737 N Bayshore Dr. The entrance is dressed up to look like a Panamanian street.

They set up shop. Filmed on location inside the Miami Woman’s Club.

While preparing for the operation we see a random location shown on their screen which Miami Vice fans will recognize right away. The stairs on Collins Court where Cat was in Little Miss Dangerous as well as where Royco is captured in Little Prince.

They notice a suspicious van at the rear of the Miami Woman’s Club. Filmed there on location.

This leads to a gunfight and escape as a hit team invades the lobby of the Miami Woman’s Club.

Our gang breaches the roof to escape. Only, as we see them climb onto the roof we see they are no longer at the Miami Woman’s Club. They have relocated to another famous and readily recognizable Miami Vice location. The rooftop of the Mayfair Hotel as seen in French Twist. The unique structure seen in the background on the roof is where we see Bandi call into the OCB.

As seen in French Twist.

Then we see a guy running thru an alley. For this we jump to a third location for the same scene. This was filmed on location at Wynwood Village, 2158/2162 NW 5th Avenue. A nearby location used later in this episode helped to lead me to discovering this location.

The jump scene is a bit confusing.  The ramp and start of the jump are clearly on the roof of the Mayfair right next to (just yards away) from where they came onto the roof.

Where they land is clearly on the roof of the Mayfair.

However, the alley they jump over and the building seen at points across the alley are the Wynwood Village.

The jump is rushed by a gunman coming out of a stairway door. In reality this is a fake roof access structure. There are no stairs here in real life and a close look reveals the structure is clearly fake. In the screen capture below the fake elevated box on the roof that was built to make it look like they were really coming out of a hole can be seen at the lower right corner.

Michael looks down and spots Tyler Gray. For this filming, they have returned to the Miami Woman’s Club.

Then we see them arrive at an auxiliary camp where they evaluate their situation and make preparations. This was filmed on location at 155 NW 20th Street in Miami.

Next we cut to Madeline in Miami going to visit Card in his office. Filming location unknown.

164 NW 20th Street can be seen in the background on the opposite side of NW 20th Street.

Then we see the gang in Panama working on their plan. We first see armed men outside a building. Filmed on location in Miami, they are guarding the Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center in the 2200 block of NW Miami Court.

Our gang was filmed on location with them outside Miami Souvenirs at the corner of NW 22nd Street and North Miami Court.

In the view below the camera is viewing North Northwest and Promo at 2210 NW Miami Ct. is seen across the street with the Salvation Army past Promo.

Then we see the view looking west down NW 22nd Street. With a guard outside 66 NW 22nd Street.

In the screen capture below we see that their location behind the shanty fence was actually built in the westbound lane of NW 22nd Street.

Then we see a shot that will remind you of the Dominican Republic if this scene had not already. That is because Burn Notice used this same location, posing as the Dominican Republic, in episode 59, Brotherly Love.

As seen in Brotherly Love.

Jesse grabs the guard and drags him down the same alley that we saw used in Brotherly Love where the motorcycle drove down at 66 NW 22nd Street.


Our gang set up here.

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