They make their plan in the alley and then we cut back to Madeline at Card’s offices. Filming location unknown.


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Then we return to our gang in Panama. Jesse is atop the building at the NE corner of NW 22nd Street and NW 1st Ave.

We se the convoy come down NW 22nd Street from the west and the team hits it as it approaches 66 NW 22nd Street.

The chase is on, we see the van pull from westbound on NW 22nd Street onto NW 5th Avenue headed north. Wynwood Village is seen in the background, where they filmed the jump sequence over the alley.

Right away they spot the Hummer pulled over on the east side of NW 5th Avenue at the rear entrance of 318 NW 23rd Street.  We have seen this building used before in the Movie  2 Fast 2 Furious as well as in the Burn Notice episode 30, Question and Answer.



Michael calls into Card. The filming location for Card is unknown while Michael is on NW 5th Ave. by the Hummer.

The sniper that shot Nate, proves to be a very poor shot here. As well as incompetent when positioning himself.

Sam and Michael hit the roof above Gray. In reality they are not atop the same building. They appear to be on the Miami City Hall, by the Coconut Grove Convention Center Studio but I have not confirmed this yet. Location unsure.

Sailboat mast seen in background.

Lighting seen in background matches those around the City Hall.

After wrapping up Gray at 318 NW 23rd St. We cut to Madeline meeting with Card at the CIA offices. Filming location unknown.

We cut back to Panama to see the gang fleeing the scene ahead of an air strike. We first see them headed westbound on NW 23rd Street crossing NW 5th Ave.

Then eastbound on NW 21st Terrace at NW 6th Ave.

Then back to westbound on NW 23rd Street.

To southbound on NW 6th Avenue from NW 23rd St.

Back to westbound on NW 23rd Street.

Then again on NW 6th Ave. southbound.

Then westbound, away from where they started the drive on NW 23rd Street.

There we see the place go up in flames.

Then we cut to Madeline talking to Card inside the CIA Offices. Filming location unknown.

Then we cut to the van pulling out of the waste water treatment plant on Virginia Key. They travel onto Arthur Lamb Jr. Road.

They head south on Arthur Lamb Jr Road away from the waste water treatment plant.

Then we see them stop the van on Arthur Lamb Jr. Road opposite the parking lot.

Our gang hides among the Australian Pines on the west side of the road as the van is incinerated on Arthur Lamb Jr. Road.

“What the hell do we do now? The episode ends here on Virginia Key.

Intercut we see Madeline talking to Card. Filming location unknown.

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