EPISODE 81



Original air date: 06/14/2012

Filming for this episode took place from 03/23/2012 through 04/02/2012.

If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at: cglide@floridamovielocations.org

The episode starts out with a recap of previous action.

Then the season gets underway with Fiona being paraded through what are supposed to be the halls of the federal building with some idiotic, fake radio chatter. This was filmed on location inside the Christ Fellowship Church, 500 NE 1st Avenue, Miami. I first saw the exterior of this location on film in the Miami Vice episode, Out Where The Buses Don’t Run where it prominently seen in the background.

She is brought into an interrogation room. All filmed on location inside the Christ Fellowship Church.

Then we see Michael reading a letter that Fiona has written. Filming location unknown.

Act 1 opens with a nice flyover shot of Miami and Miami Beach.

Then we see Michael and Sam headed southbound on NW 1st Avenue just south of NW 8th Street.

Then northbound on NW 1st Avenue away from where we just saw them southbound at 8th Street.

Then southbound on NW 1st Avenue just south of 11th Street.

Then northbound again on NW 1st Ave., Likely by 10th Street.

Michael slams on the brakes so hard that he makes Sam disappear.

Location unknown.

Not to worry, Sam reappears in the next cut.

Then we see them stopped, talking on NW 1st Avenue. Exact location unknown.

Then we see them take off in what appears to be a southerly direction. In reality the film has been flipped/reversed and they are headed northbound on NW 1st Avenue at NW 8th Street.

As it appears on Burn Notice

As it was filmed and appears in real life.

Then we see them headed both north and southbound thru the 800 block of NW 1st Ave.

Then we see them northbound on NW 1st Ave. passing thru the 1000 block starting at 10th Street.

Then it cuts to Sam as he answers his phone. All of a sudden they jump to southbound on NW 1st Ave. in the 800 block.

He talks to Jesse who is at Opa-locka Airport.

Jesse states he has Anson spotted on a traffic camera on Brickell. Problem is we can see an airplane being reflected on his car so this was no doubt filmed at Opa-locka and not Brickell.

Then we see Jesse and a 1983 Israel Aircraft Industries 1124 burning at Opa-locka Airport while Sam and Michael are seen going southbound on NW 1st Avenue in the 700 block. Parts of the Overtown Metro-rail station are seen in the background. This station was seen in the Miami Vice episode, A Bullet For Crockett.

Then we see Sam and Michael northbound on NW 1st Avenue in the 800 block again.

It cuts to a shot in Michael’s direction and the filming has jumped up to 11th Street, still northbound on NW 1st Avenue.

Then back to Sam, location unknown.

Next we see an overhead shot of the car westbound on the MacArthur Causeway away from Watson Island toward the main land.

Then back to Opa-locka Airport. This appears to have been filmed on location there.

Then we see the car along way away, going southbound on Card Sound Road going over the Card Sound Road Bridge to Key Largo. This location was made famous in the Miami Vice episode, Bushido.

Then we see them a little further south, on Key Largo, going over the next bridge which would make sense in real life.

Then we see re-used footage of the gas station on Key Largo that we saw in episode 10, False Flag and episode 69, Besieged. Overseas Highway at Reef Road.

Then we see Michael find a truck to steal. This was filmed on location at Cheo Custom Paint and Body Work. 155 NW 20th Street, Miami.

We get a brief shot of the companies sign as they pull out which identified the location.

Then we see the truck on the road. This was filmed in Homestead Fl. Southbound on SW 142nd Avenue. Just south of SW 328th Street.

Then still southbound on SW 142nd Ave. approaching SW 336th Street.

Then passing SW 336 Street.

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As seen in Out Where The Buses Don’t Run