They cross SW 336 Street a second time.

Then Michael blocks the road. This was filmed further to the north on SW 142nd Avenue. Approximately 300 yards north of SW 336 Street.

After blowing the truck.

We cut to Fiona. Filmed on location at Christ Fellowship Church, 500 NEW 1st Ave.

They are in a room on the south side of the building, either the second or third floor. Most likely the second floor.

Then we cut to Michael and Sam headed back northbound on SW 142nd Avenue in Homestead where we earlier saw them southbound.

Anson has run off to a factory. The factory is real but the location as shown here is fake, clearly digitally created.

As Michael and Sam walk up SW 142nd Ave. They talk to Anson. Anson’s location is unconfirmed but likely filmed inside the real factory located at 3000 NW 123rd Street, Westview, Fl.

Then we cut to Madeline’s house. Filmed on set at the studio.

Then we see an aerial view of Miami’s waste water treatment plant on Virginia Key.

Then we land at the plant, 3000 NW 123rd Street. This shot is taken from the SW corner.

Shots of Michael could clearly not have been filmed outside the factory and look like they were filmed inside the studio or possibly at Miami Seaquarrium.

We see Michael  and Sam approach the factory. Filming location unknown.

Then we cut to Madeline’s where Jesse is arriving. A rare case where they use the real life location for filming. At least for the exterior. Jesse arrives westbound on NW North River Drive and stops in front of Madie’s.

Then we go inside. Filmed on set in the studio.

Then we return to Fiona, filmed on location at 500 NE 1st Avenue, Miami.

Then we return to the factory, filmed on location at 3000 NW 123rd Street.

As Michael runs outside to check on things we see the factory in the background as he runs across the grass lawn. However, it then cuts and he is magically running across bare coral. The filming location has clearly changed.

Then we see Anson trying to escape. The filming has moved to the Miami Seaquarium on Virginia Key.

Then we cut back to the factory where Michael has warned them just in time. Factory scenes filmed at 3000 NW 123rd Street. Michael is still at Miami Seaquarium except for four short cuts where he is at the factory.

Then we see Michael regain focus on Anson and go after him as he leaves on a boat. This was filmed on location at the Miami Seaquarrium 80 yards east of where we saw Anson cutting through the chain.

Then we cut to Madeline’s. Filmed on set inside the studio.

Then we see Michael talk to Madeline on the phone. His conversation cuts between two different locations. First he is at the factory in N Miami, 3000 NW 123rd Street.

In the same scene it cuts to what appears to have been filmed at the Miami Seaquarrium. Definitely not at the factory.

Then we return to Fiona. Finally she has come back to her senses. This was filmed at the Christ Fellowship Church in Miami. The episode ends Here.




If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at:


If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at:

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