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Filming for this episode was conducted from 05/31/2012 through 06/08/2012.

The episode starts out with a recap of recent events.

Original air date: 08/09/2012

The new action starts outside Michael’s loft. Filmed on set at the rear of the Coconut Grove Convention Center Studio.

Then we see an aerial view looking south over the Intra Coastal Waterway. The camera is over South Lake at about Monroe Street in Hollywood, Fl.

Then we see Michael head out to find some answers but he does not like what he finds. Filming location unknown.

Then we see an establishing shot of the Miami Heart Institute, 4701 North Meridian Ave., Miami Beach. We saw this location used in episode 57, Eyes Open. This is likely footage from the filming of that episode.

Then we go inside a hospital where Michael gets the FBI file. Filming location unknown.

This leads us to Carlito’s where we see Jesse and Pearce hard at work. Filmed on set at the rear of the C.G.C.C. Studio.

Then we return to the interior of Michael’s loft. Filmed on studio set.

Then we see an aerial shot of the Miami Seaquarium on Virginia Key.

Then we see an aerial shot of Crandon Park Marina that we have seen before in Burn Notice in episode 19, Rough Seas. We have also seen it in the movies Tony Rome, Lady in Cement and Absence of Malice. Miami Vice also used this marina in Calderone’s Demise and Mirror Image.

Then we land and see Michael starting his plan. This was filmed on location at the tip of Crandon Park Marina. They are meeting next to where Tony Rome admired the bathing Beauty in Tony Rome.

As seen in Tony Rome.

Then the plan goes into action just a few feet away at the same part of the same marina.

Then they go on a two hour trip. The first shot is an aerial view. Location unknown.

Then we go to street level. This was filmed on location on Virginia Key. Filmed on the often used Arthur Lamb Jr. Road in the exact spot where we see the stolen truck stopped in the previous episode, Reunion.

As seen in Reunion

Then we are in a car driving northbound on Sewage Plant Road on Virginia Key.

Then we see Fiona come in behind them. This was filmed on Sewage Plant Road driving away from Arthur Lamb Jr. Road which can be seen in the background. This means they are now driving over the exact same section of road we just saw them drive over. We saw this stretch used before in episode 52, Where There’s Smoke.

As seen in, Where There’s Smoke

Then south on Sewage Plant Road away from the plant. We have seen this stretch of road used before in episode 13, Breaking and Entering, episode 19, Rough Seas and in episode 73, Better Halves.

Then northbound on Sewage Plant Road again. Away from Arthur Lamb Jr. Road.

They continue northbound in the remaining cuts through the unrealistic crash at the end which was filmed where we saw Michael bust out backwards in episode 13, Breaking and Entering.

Next we see an exterior shot of a motel. This was filmed on location at the Shalimar Motel. 6200 Biscayne Blvd. Miami.

Then we go inside the motel. Filming location unknown.

Next we see an establishing shot of The Jacksonville Landing.

Then we go inside the weapons conference. This was filmed on location inside the Gansevoort Hotel. 2377 Collins Avenue. Miami Beach. We have seen this hotel used previously in episode 21, Good Soldier and in episode 26, Truth and Reconciliation.

Then we see Jesse take his mark to a club. Filming location unknown but likely inside the Gansevoort.

Then we see Pearce searching the room. Filmed on location inside the Gansevroot.

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