Burn Notice
 Episode 96
Odd Man Out


Original air date: 12/13/2012

Filming for this episode took place from 09/04/2012 through 09/12/2012.

If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at: cglide@floridamovielocations.org

The episode starts with a recap of previous events.

Then we see Michael, Fiona, and Madeline getting rid of her license. Presumably her real license but clearly a poorly made fake ID with numerous flaws. Lazy or clueless. Her license number is revealed to be L252 784 65 554 1. To most people who have lived in Florida (and many other places) and had a license they will recognize that this indicates her last name starts with L, not so. The second consonant is guttural or sibilant as indicated by the digit 2 after the L. So C,G,J,K,Q,S,X,Z. Then we see a 5. This indicates the next consonant in her last name would be Nasal. An M or N. Next comes 2 again so the third consonant is guttural or sibilant (C,G,J,K,Q,S,X,OR Z). Florida only goes as far as the first four consonant  sounds so the name could be longer.  So clearly the ID is bad as the number is not a match for the name. Then her number indicates her first name and middle initial as 784. This means her first name should start with an S. Her middle initial is then D. Then her year of birth is indicated as 65 yet the DOB on the license indicates 1953. Fail. Then we see 554 indicating month and day of birth and gender. 554 is higher than 500 so she is female.  Subtract 500, divide by 40, add 1 remainder is day so it indicates her birthday is February 14, 1965, Valentines day but not a match to the stated DOB. Then we see Madeline is not alone. The last digit indicates that there is another Madeline Westen (or at least exact same sounding last name with same first and middle initial with same DOB in Florida. Bet that has made life confusing for Michael’s enemies. Then her license does not expire on her birthday. It was good for almost 11 years and was already expired at this point. She had not paid the crown for the privilege of driving on her roads. This was filmed on location but location unknown.

Then we see Sam and Jesse arrive at a smuggler’s place. Filmed on location in a neighborhood we saw used in earlier seasons of Burn Notice (Hostile Takeover, Rough Seas, Seek And Destroy, and Square One) as well as in Miami Vice and movies such as Two Fast, Two Furious. Filmed at 3004 Brickell Avenue, Miami.

Then we cut to the safe house. Filming location unknown.

Then we see our team get their new passports. This was filmed outside the studio on the south side with Miami City Hall seen in the background at times.

During this scene we switch filming locations. Fiona states that her alias went to Venice. In that cut they are still by the studio.

It cuts to Michael, still at the studio.

Then back to Fi, no longer at the studio. Filming has switched to an airport runway. Or at least the remains of an airport runway from NAS Miami Master’s Field. Miami Dade College North Campus now occupies the location. They were filmed behind the School of Justice, near the intersection of NW 32nd Avenue and Kennedy Dr., Westview, FL. Unfortunately, Burn Notice did not make the effort to park the same or even similar cars around them so the move was obvious. Especially with the lack of trees.

Then we see Vanek arriving on scene.  They are northbound on NW 32nd Avenue just south of NW 116th Street.

Vanek turns into the NW end of the lot and our gang scrambles to leave.

It cuts and they are fleeing eastbound on NW 140th Street in the 700 block. This is on the grounds of Opa locka Airport. At the far west end.

The next cut is inside the van. The scenery is intentionally blurry so it was likely a studio shot though the scenery is similar to where they just were.

The chase becomes a bump and grind, continuing east on NW 140th Street.

The chase travels over the same stretch 3 times before we see them travel from the end of (at that time) NW 142nd Street and have the camera truck turn in from Aviation Drive. The location is a little confusing with the camera truck driving down the correct side of the road while our van goes down the left side of the street.  All makes sense when I realized this was a reversed image and not an English right hand drive van. All of theses streets were fairly new at the time of filming as none of them existed when Burn Notice first aired and this was a Nigerian airport.

Corrected image

Then back to NW 140th St. This time further east toward Aviation Drive.

Then we see another reversed image. Not sure if this was an error or not. They are headed westbound on NW 142nd Street away from Aviation Dr.

As seen


Then they spot vacant building to hole up in. Why they would separate themselves from an escape vehicle and hole up to wait for the police to arrive makes no sense but then a lot of what is said and done in this episode is just ridiculous. Filmed on location, traveling westbound on NW 123rd Street in the 3000 blk.

Then we see them northbound on Aviation Dr. only to hand brake a u-turn and head back southbound.

Then it jumps back north to NW 142nd Street. They are traveling westbound and turn north (right) onto NW 55th Ave which is posing as the entrance to 3000 NW 123rd Street.

Then it jumps back to 3000 NW 123rd Street where they are on the grounds traveling northbound with C&S Wholesale Services, 3300 NW 123 Street seen in the background.

The gang breaks into the vacant building, a dairy and barricade themselves. All the interior scenes appear to have been filmed there on location at 3000 NW 123rd Street. We see Michael talk via the phone with Jesse and recruits his assistance. Jesse’s filming location is unknown.

Then we see Jesse and Madeline steal a truck. This was filmed on location at the Seminole Boat Ramp on the south side of the studio.

We return to the inside of the dairy where Michael is forced to use Schmidt  as a pawn. He forces him out on the north side of the building at the NE corner.

The filming stays at the dairy and Michael finds a solution. Madeline and Jesse blast in to rescue all. The crash thru the fence was a real stunt crashing thru the real fence. Rare for Burn Notice. Burn Notice put up a new section of fence after filming. Fortunately the bad guys forget they drove there in vehicles so they do not pursue the high speed truck.

Then we see Michael and Schmidt at the safe house. Filming location unknown.

Then Michael goes after his mother who has snuck off to visit Nate’s grave. Nate’s Grave filming location is unknown but does not look like a real cemetery.

Michael gets a note from an old friend and the episode ends here.

In the climactic finish of the movie bad boys, they chase Fouchet right through here and between the jet blast barriers to end the movie.


If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at: cglide@floridamovielocations.org

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